I am Polish, live in Warsaw. I was born in the last century :)

University and private art education in Poland and USA
- basic art education (over 10 years) - private teacher Karol Mielżyński, a pupil of Mehoffer and Rubczak
- Faculty of Humanities at at UMCS, Lublin (Master of Arts)
- Faculty of Arts at UMCS, Lublin (not completed)
- private study with a charismatic teacher Jan Popek, for 2 years, until his death
- series of summer art courses in BU CFA, MassArt, and with private teachers

I work mostly in oil and watercolor, using various techniques.
My favorite drawing medium are soft sepia and sanguine conté crayons.

My main palette:
yellows up to browns: cadmium and naples yellows, ochres, siennas, umbers, van Dyke brown
reds: cadmium and oxide reds, vermillion, alizarin crimson
blues: cobalt, phtalo and ultramarine blues, indigo, Payne's gray
greens: viridian, cinnaber and sap greens
titanum white; never use any black pigment

Prefered genres: landscape (esp. South of Europe), abstract, portrait, still life.
I like to create thematic series looking for more comprehensive expression.

For more info just google: Maga Fabler

I value my artistic freedom and independence. Paintership is my life style rather, then gainful activities. In art creation process I don't accept any deadline nor obligations. It's why I don't paint on request. Also, I don't copy my artworks, but some of them are available as giclee prints.

My art tends to focus on the nature of a subject. Like emotions and energy caused by complementary colors; simplified geometry of a composition; map of wrinkles on old human faces; endless variety of green shades in a landscape. Whatever is the subject, I try to reach its quintessence. In as simple manner as possible.

Currently I express myself the fullest with three different styles, which sometimes permeate each other:

Ad libitum (it's also the name of my series) - loose, spontaneous painting, with features of representational art.
Geometric art - driven by European modernism, especially cubism.
Conceptual minimalism - abstract or non-objective art which is a visual ellipsis, pure essence of important to me features of a presented object, form, idea, emotion.